castle in Denmark. White walls, red/ orange roof and greenish spire.

Danish summer

Can you travel all the time and constantly, all year round? Yes some can, and does it. When I was young; in my 20s, I traveled for years, or half a year at a time. It was extraordinary, and probably it still would be. But I also have […]

sunset at the Malecón in La Paz in Mexico

La Paz – part 4

(In Danish below) (Click on images to enlarge) Neolithic hunter-gatherers were the first to inhabit La Paz area at least 10,000 years ago who left traces of their presence in form of rock paintings near the city and throughout the Baja California Peninsula. Hernán Cortés arrived in the […]

blowfish at beach (tetraodontidae)

La Paz – part 3

(In Danish below) Dieter and I gets a cup of coffee at the Malecón in La Paz in México. The Malecón is the waterfront, and the one in La Paz is quite spectacular. You can read more about that in my upcoming post. While Dieter fetch the coffee, I wait […]


La Paz – part 2

(in Danish below) I’m continuing my La Paz series (we are still talking about La Paz in Mexico!). This is part 2 of 4. Did you see part 1? Nature around La Paz is a vibrant and a surprising mixture of some of the most unique marine life in […]

Artwork: peace dove and whale tail in La Paz, Mexico

La Paz – part 1

Occasionally I’ve called La Paz in Mexico my second home. I have been and lived there several times so it’s not all wrong. La Paz almost at the end of the long narrow peninsula Baja California, dangling down from the state of California, USA is quite unique with an atmosphere of […]

phenomenal colors, shapes and patterns from the flowers, the grass and the remarkable moss and lichen.. Only nature can provide these wonders in Zimbabwe

The rolling hills in Zimbabwe

(In Danish below) Together with friends we left Harare one afternoon to go and find the perfect spot for a wedding. The son of our friend was getting married and our friend wanted to find the perfect spot for his son. I believe he did.. Look at these […]

Mural of Cienfuego an Havana flag in a corridor w a motorcycle

Finding a restaurant in Havana

After a few wonderful weeks around Cuba, we are back in Havana. We live with Nilo and his lovely wife Cary. After taken the backpack to the room, we felt the hunger grow, and went out to look for a restaurant. Two minutes later it started to rain. A man in a corridor wondered if we’re […]

Being handicapped

Being in Nature

(in Danish below) With PCS I have a handicap. I already have a handicap, Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). But with PCS I FEEL I have a handicap. Actually PCS is a disease but it feels like a handicap, because with my PCS I have to adapt a total new […]



Jeg holder foredrag i Danmark -og resten af verden: • Med rygsæk og kørestol Hvad det vil sige at være globetrotter i kørestol? Er der fordele, eller kun ulemper ved at rejse i kørestol? Kan man overhovedet være globetrotter, når man sidder i kørestol? Er det alle i kørestol, […]

Biodiversity in Andorra


Enjoy photos from Andorra — Biodiversity (and a little bit of geology!) with nature, colors, patterns, shapes, nuances, and textures. . Click the photos below to see them full size. ____ Nyd billeder fra Andorra — Biodiversitet med natur, farver, mønstre, former, nuancer og teksturer (og en lille smule geologi!). . Klik på […]


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